Tuesday, May 04, 2010

peek inside my sketchbook

I have found through lots of experience- that I need to create. Rarely can I even go a couple of days (even when traveling) without designing, photographing, painting, making or drawing something - ANYTHING!! It is good for my soul and it always keeps me inspired and warmed up for the next project that comes along. While in Oregon my daily exercise has been sketching some of my favorite beach houses around town- here is a little peek inside my sketchbook.


  1. I wish my sketchbook looked like yours!

  2. beautiful drawings!

    I'm like you, I get cranky if I don't do something creative.

  3. such pretty houses,
    both the physical houses
    & your sketches of them.
    peachy beachy blossoms
    (on your page & heart).
    (love the roads in post
    below too). x

  4. Cute, cute and more cute!

  5. I love seeing other people's sketch books, they're very inspiring and make me want to go and draw. Your houses are gorgeous.

  6. I love your sketchbook! Your sketches are fantastic, I love the houses!

  7. gorgeous sketches!

  8. Love the blue paint
    on the Micron! ")
    Don't you love that watercolor set with the water brush? I take mine everywhere. Although, at present, my 3 year old is holding it hostage. Thank you for the peek,
    Happy doodling!

  9. I can totally relate. Tonight I HAD to paint something, my hands were restless despite the 3 other projects I had going on. I ended up just smooshing paint on background papers, but it felt good :-)

    Love your little paintings of the beach houses, they are fabulous!

  10. beautiful drawings !! I would like mine looks like yours

  11. whyducks2:57 AM

    I too wish my sketch pad looked like yours, clever lady.

  12. I do so admire your sketchbook! I too get knotted up if I don't do something creative; it's like a massage for the soul & brain!


  13. Breaking out my sketchbook... paints... pens... brushes!!! Love it!

  14. I love your technique of freehand drawing! It just shows how your art work is a free flow of thoughts from within! It great :D
    Well, I am an architecture student and inspired from your works, I have used this technique of water color with bold strokes of pen various times! Totally saves my time in exam and looks awesome!
    Cheers to you!



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